Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines

Ayurveda has a firm belief in the theory that the human body 's wellbeing depends on the three main elements, and that it requires a healthy balance. Some form of minor or major imbalance in those components induces disease. The specific eight therapeutic orders connected with ayurveda are internal drug, pediatrics, medicinal surgery, psychiatry, toxicology, anticipation of illnesses and recovery by strengthening and restoring aphrodisiac and body tolerance and immunity. Homoeopathy believes in vitalist theory.  Different internal and external factors disrupt the vital energy which has an detrimental impact on a person 's health. Homoeopaths take the psychiatric situation into account of the person's physical health. The medical approach follows the "laws of similars," which means treating a person with some specific illness with medications that present the same effects as the condition needed to be treated.


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